We are a Toronto based, art foundry and fabrication studio. 

Proudly Canadian!

Our specialty is in the production of Public Art, Monuments and Sculptures, with a penchant towards unique, non-traditional, contemporary casting projects.

The name 'MAKER' connects us to the lineage of skilled artists and craftspeople that left their imprint, shaped cultures, and made things really, really well. 

We chose our name because handcrafting art in the digital age is still important to us. It is what we do! When you look at art, you can feel when something has been made by hand; it has an essence imbedded in it that only comes from human touch. Of course, that only comes through if it is made well. 

We have the technical skills to do so, hence, MAKER TECHNICAL SCULPTURE SERVICES Inc.

​Our company unites skill and imagination with hard work and determination to build larger than life art projects. We create visual excitement through sculptural excellence for todays artists and institutions.


Team Leaders



Marina has been working in the sculpture field for over 15 years as an artist, a foundry technician, museum/gallery preparator, and arts educator. Marina has worked with a variety of artists, arts related industries, and art enthusiasts, utilizing her technical knowledge and ability to help make creative visions a 3D reality. Though working with a variety of media masterfully, her expertise is in lost wax casting, specifically silicon bronze. Marina has worked on a wide array of iconic projects, miniature to monumental, that have been installed across North America.
Marina Guglielmi is also a practicing sculptor and exhibits extensively. She has won several awards for her work, and is an elected member of The Sculptors Society of Canada. Marina holds affiliations with many arts and industry organizations and believes in establishing and reinforcing the rights of Canadian Artists.



Tyler claims he is a wizard, who hatched from an egg laid in 1910.
However, we met his mother and she assures us that the 18 hours of labour she endured in 1982 were not due to a magical, old egg, but in fact due to a Lego obsessed infant.
What we know to be true is that Tyler wields a 1500 watt grinder with powerful precision (he’s named it ‘Wanda’), and that years of Lego brick building have made him our go to guy for construction strategy.
A skilled metal finisher, mould maker, welder and 3D certification holder, he also takes care of the fun stuff; videos, social media, and DJ to all our events.
On his off time, you can find Tyler crafting some “killer” hot sauce from peppers he grows, spinning a set on his turn-tables or, of course, building Lego.



Lucky is very proficient at her job as night security, a task she was given after failing miserably as Lead Exterminator, the role for which she was hired.

She is in fact, lucky, that her great personality suited the shop, and she became 'useful' in other ways. 

In addition to her after hours observing, Lucky has taken on the roll of Main Greeter, as well as Inspector of Packing Blankets. Should anyone every accidentally leave a blanket out on the shop floor, Lucky is on it. Literally.



Egon, our giant African Spur Thighed Tortoise, embodies the personality of a hundred angry, old men, and he was only born at the turn of this century!!
A terror on the shop floor, Egon's primary responsibility is keeping the team in line and on time. Though his motivation for slave driving is mostly to ensure a consistent supply of fancy lettuces and exotic fruit dinners, he also has a passion for art work that has been modelled after himself.